Our Range of Services

CBI offers a range of services for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities, including:

Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention

Early intensive behavioral intervention (EIBI) is recommended for young children with autism spectrum disorders, and is often the therapy that comes to mind when people hear the term “ABA”. EIBI typically consists of 25-40 hours per week of intensive, one-on-one behavioral treatment provided by paraprofessionals (“Interventionists” or “Technicians”) trained and supervised by a behavior analyst. When children are ready, a significant portion of intervention time may be spent in community or school settings in the presence of same-age peers. Research shows that children receiving EIBI achieve significantly better outcomes than children receiving other interventions, and nearly half of those children achieve language and cognitive functioning in the normal range. One of the critical factors affecting outcome is the age that intervention begins, so it is important to begin services as early as possible after a diagnosis is made. The aim of an EIBI program is to prepare children for successful transition to school, a process that is individualized to each child’s needs. As children reach school age, the intensity of services typically decreases as the child transitions to an appropriate educational setting.

Below are some of the key features of CBI’s EIBI services:

  • Initial and ongoing assessment and treatment goal development
  • Behavior analyst consultation 10-20 hours per month, including observations in all settings, program recommendations, data analysis, and treatment reports
  • Regular team meetings
  • Initial and ongoing competency-based training/supervision of Interventionists
  • Ongoing parent training
  • Collaboration with other professionals, such as school staff and speech/occupational therapists
Comprehensive Behavioral Services for Grade School through Adulthood

In some cases, school-age children, adolescents, and adults may be in need of comprehensive ABA services across a number of skill domains. For example, skill building/instruction may be needed in areas such as vocational skills, social skills, and/or daily living skills. Based on individual needs, consultation may include training of caregivers and/or Interventionists. Comprehensive Behavioral Services share the features listed for EIBI, but are generally less intensive. Specific hours/amounts of services vary by individual needs and are available on a case-by-case basis to children previously enrolled in EIBI.

Functional Behavioral Assessment and Focused Behavioral Supports

Functional assessment and behavior plan development to address specific behavioral concerns is available to for children enrolled or previously enrolled in EIBI or Comprehensive Behavioral Services. These services address a focused behavioral concern, such as challenging behavior, toilet training, or functional communication training, and consist of:

  • Initial functional behavioral assessment
  • Development of a behavior support plan or skill acquisition plan as well as treatment recommendations
  • Initial and ongoing parent and caregiver training
  • Ongoing consultation, including observations and data analysis
  • Coordination with other professionals when appropriate

Locations Served

The above services are available in Bend, Redmond, Medford, and Ashland. On a case-by-case basis, services may be available in other areas of Central and Southern Oregon depending on current availability and scheduling.


Please email or call for information about rates and payment options. Third party reimbursement through health insurance is available but may vary depending on individual circumstances.